• Shadow Jumpers

    Shadow Jumpers

    This story is on Medium as I am trialling the platform to see how it performs. Horrific screams fell from the sky waking me from a deep sleep. There was a flock of Corella’s passing over the house and they were carrying something… it was hidden in the darkness and had hitched a ride. An…

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  • The Raging Bull: The Slender Man Part Two

    When Aunt Millie realised what had happened, for the first time since finding out she was a witch, she panicked. Millie told her what she saw, what happened, but it wasn’t much to go on. “Is that Sandra’s crystal?” her aunt asked while she scanned the bathroom for clues. “Yes,” Millie whispered, her throat constricted…

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  • Marigold Madness: The Slender Man, Part One

    The twins were on their way to stay with their aunt for a few days. She was going to teach them how to protect themselves… also, the marigolds were ready for harvesting. “Aunty?” she heard along with three knocks. “Coming,” she called. She barely had the door open when the twins barreled through. They wrapped…

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  • Happy Birthday Girls

    Happy Birthday Girls

    The third in The Adventures of Millie and Sandra series ‘Sandra?’ Millie called from the bathroom, ‘someone’s at the door.’ She waited but the knocking continued. ‘Sandra!’ ‘Okay, okay,’ she said. Sandra got up from the kitchen table, pushed her breakfast bowl away from the edge and made her way to the door. The knocking…

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  • The Terrible Case of Mr. Spoxal

    To become a member of Vocal+, please register with this link and help me out? When a blood-curdling scream rose up and spread its horror throughout the neighbourhood, no-one expected it to be Mrs. Spoxal, the grocer’s wife. Millie and Sandra, who were staying with their aunt in Launceston, climbed from their beds, pulled back…

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  • Aunt Millie’s Warning

    You can read the entire story by clicking this link… and maybe leave a like for it on Vocal? To become a member of Vocal+, please register with this link and help me out? ‘Sandra, where are you going?’ Millie asked out of breath and five steps behind her twin. ‘Here,’ she called back. Up…

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  • The Staple Elements Of Urban Fantasy

    Part One: Seen and Unseen by Karen Eastland. What are the staple elements, or writing techniques necessary for the creation of Urban Fantasy that ensures what you are writing fits within the genres most basic requirements? The main element of Urban Fantasy is the seen and unseen worlds. Urban Fantasy should contain these elements for…

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  • Suite of Stories

    Suite of Stories

    What is a suite of stories? That seems to be the question of the day. I’m preparing my preliminary application to begin the doctoral journey. I’ve been studying by distance for many years and as such my collection of academic books, journals and articles is astronomical. I have, a somewhat limited, access to the online…

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