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How Does Karen Eastland Adapt Mythological Elements to Fit Into Her Urban Fantasy World?

Karen Eastland adapts mythological elements to fit into her urban fantasy world in several ways:

  • She incorporates gods and goddesses from various mythologies, such as Greek and Roman, into her stories.
  • She creates new characters that are based on mythological creatures, such as the Sin-Eaters in her upcoming Sin-Eater series.
  • She uses mythological concepts, such as the Elysian Fields, as inspiration for the names of her series and books.
  • She adapts mythological themes, such as the creation of a warrior by the gods, to fit into her urban fantasy world.

Overall, Karen Eastland draws from various mythologies to create a unique and engaging urban fantasy world. She adapts mythological elements to fit into her stories while also adding her own creative twists and ideas.