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The major elements of Urban Fantasy used in Josephine Marlin: A Friend in Need

Karen Eastland’s “Josephine Marlin: A Friend in Need” is an urban fantasy novel that incorporates several elements of the genre. Here are some of the major elements of urban fantasy that Karen Eastland uses in the book:

  • The setting is an urban environment, specifically a city where humans, naturals, and gods coexist.
  • The book features supernatural creatures, such as gods and warriors with ancient powers.
  • The main character, Josephine Marlin, is a warrior created by the gods to protect humans and naturals.
  • The book has a dark and quirky tone, with a mix of humour and darkness.
  • The story involves a quest that Josephine and her friend Pony embark upon to get Pony the help she needs.

Overall, Karen Eastland uses these elements of urban fantasy to create a unique and engaging story in “Josephine Marlin: A Friend in Need.”