The Adventures of Millie and Sandra: S03E07: The Eye of Carly’s Hope

Millie and her Aunt sat crouched in that small cave for hours discussing what to do about… Well, everything. They were interrupted occasionally by screeching monkeys, and once by Mark.

“Millie!” he said unable to hide his surprise, “and Mrs Moltari.”

Both Millie’s looked at him and their eyes gleamed a striking silver. They were locked in an enchantment that separated them from the real world, although they could hear his voice.

“Never mind,” he said, shrank back into a cat and left them to it.

A bit later, Æther popped into their enchantment through the cave wall. All the Millie’s could see were her eyes, nose and mouth. After much discussion, they decided young Millie would travel to the Eye of Carly’s Hope. She needed to find the jewel at the centre of its network of caves.


The Eye of Carly’s Hope

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Dear reader,

Millie is lost in the northeast Tasmanian wilderness. I have a question for you, and please leave your comments either in the comments below, or follow the link to my Facebook or Linkedin pages.

#NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I would like to know if you, The #AdventuresOfMillieAndSandra connoisseurs, would like the last episode of season-3, to be a short Ebook?

It would be free of course, but Millie’s about to go where no one has gone before and I think it requires a bit more than a 5000-word short story

As I said, let me know in the comments below or on my FB or Linkedin pages. I will also be creating a sticky of this letter to my readers for that purpose.

If you’d rather have another short story, then I will write that at the beginning of December.


Karen Eastland