October 2022

  • The Adventures of Millie and Sandra Links in Order

    Below is the list in order for all the Adventures Of Millie And Sandra series. If you want to read the short novel for the finale of season 3, then you should read the following in order. Please leave a like for every short story you read. Comments are also welcome, and I earn from every read.If…

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  • The Adventures of Millie and Sandra: S03E07: The Eye of Carly’s Hope

    Millie and her Aunt sat crouched in that small cave for hours discussing what to do about… Well, everything. They were interrupted occasionally by screeching monkeys, and once by Mark. “Millie!” he said unable to hide his surprise, “and Mrs Moltari.” Both Millie’s looked at him and their eyes gleamed a striking silver. They were…

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