Grace – S03E05

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“Hurry,” Aunty Millie said, and Jacqulyn snatched the bag from Sandra’s grip. It wasn’t easy. The hobgoblin did not want to let go of her.

“Get it into the Box of Bones,” Aunt Millie said, “and lay it gently on the Ostrich eggs… do not crack any of them, otherwise it’ll escape.”

Aunt Millie knew the Box of Bones would hold it for a while, but the coven was at a loss about what to do with Sandra. Her piercing scream was unrelenting. Neither a breath, nor a break, did Sandra take.

“Bring her to me,” Grace said, and they dragged Sandra to her.

She was biting, scratching, kicking, but Grace reached out and placed a finger on her forehead. Sandra suddenly stopped. She became stiff as a board and the only part of her that still moved was her open, raging eyes. “That will do until I can take Lealiance into myself.”

“Lealiance?” Tess asked.

“That’s its real name,” Grace said.

“How do you know?” Tess asked as she and the others laid Sandra on the floor at the centre of the pentagram.

“The ether knows all things and I am the ether, sisters.”


“Enough,” Grace commanded. “I can only take this form for a short time.”

Just as Grace said that, Rhianna walked back through the wall. Her entrance back into their dimension seemed to reach down their throats and pull out their gullets. It was only a moment, but more than one sister dry retched. In her hand was a blue silk bag full of shards.

“Welcome back, sister,” Grace said. “I see you were successful?”

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