Millie Searches the Ether S03E03

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Aunt Millie went to see Tess, the twins’ mum, and told her about the ring’s reaction to Sandra.

‘Right. So,’ Tess said, pushed her chair away from the table and stood. ‘Okay, so what do we do?’

‘I think it’s Celia, sis.’

‘Celia?’ Tess asked and the colour in her face drained. ‘The crystal… mother’s cryst— You sure? I mean… no, don’t know what I mean.’

‘I’m sure enough to be worried,’ Aunt Millie said and lifted her coffee cup to her lips, swigging the lukewarm liquid, thinking about what could be done. ‘Can I get another? This is pretty cold.’

‘Course,’ Tess said, filled the kettle up and switched it back on.

‘The way I see it, sis,’ Aunt Millie said, ‘we have two problems.’

‘Two?’ Tess asked.

‘Marly and Sandra.’

‘Oh, yeah. Almost forgot about Marley… a cat, hey? Glad the girls are human sized dragonflies.’

Aunt Millie laughed, but her mirth was quickly replaced with concern. Aunt Millie had a couple of ideas about how to help Marly and Mark, but the coven were humans who could shape-shift into insects. It was an odd mix, but anything, anyone, could be a witch, and every coven member was human. Their propensity to shift into an insect usually revealed what their insect reflection was at puberty, though some never shifted and were primarily witches. They only used their ability to shift in case of an emergency.

Taking shape-shifting cats anywhere near the coven, Might be dangerous, Aunt Millie thought.

‘—and Mill’s could look into the Marley prob… hey, hey,’ Tess was saying and was clicking her finger’s in front of her sister’s dazed eyes.

‘What? I’m here,’ Aunt Millie said. ‘You were saying?’

‘You heard nothing, right?’

Aunt Millie was going to deny it, but Tess knew her too well.

‘Yes, I missed it all,’ she said. ‘Just tell me again and stop gloating.’

‘It’s age,’ Tess said.

‘What’s age?’ her sister asked.


‘What? Get out of here—’

‘You get this vacant look in your—’

Aunt Millie stared at her sister with disbelief, then realised she was pulling her leg.

‘Just tell me what you were saying,’ Aunt Millie snapped, but she wasn’t angry. She’d so missed her younger sister, and it was nice to share playful banter with her again.

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