May 2022

  • The Daemons, Celia and Sandra: S03E02

    (Ring by bijioux) Click this link to read the full story “Daemon… You sure he said, daemon?” Aunt Millie asked the twins. “Sure he didn’t mean demon?” “Yes,” Sandra said, “daemon and isn’t it divinely wonderful that Marly’s alive, and Mark—” “Why?” Millie asked her aunt. “What’s the difference? Daemon, demon… they’re the same thing,…

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  • Orienous and Delaemol: Dark Fire Reigns

    Click this link to read the whole story There weren’t always dragons in the Valley, but with the dawn came fire and from the fire, dragons rose. In the beginning, the people thought they came to save them. How wrong they were. “Ester? Ru— oh god!” Marcus cried as her hand slipped from his and…

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