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…“The park,” she whispered.


She was about to respond when the right toe of her running shoes kicked the edge of a large rock skirting the path she was on, and before she knew what was happening, she was flying through the air. All Marly could do was watch her phone, lit up like it was, fly ahead of her and heard her brothers’ voice fade, the further it went.

“Marly? Marly,” he was yelling, but she landed over one of the large metal wheels holding a WWII cannon and hit her head.

Her adrenalin kept her focused, but an internal crack as she wrapped around that wheel didn’t sound good. She bounced off and hit the concrete pad the cannon sat on. Winded and worried, she hoped whatever had been chasing her hadn’t heard her impressive smack down. She couldn’t do anything but lie on the ground. With her hand over her mouth, she hoped to limit the noise of her rasping breath. Her head pounded, and sharp stabbing pains shot through her body…

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