S02E01: What’s in the Fog?

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It had been an odd few weeks since the fires. The girls had been staying with their aunt during school holidays, and strangely, Sandra was participating in Millie’s magic lessons. Aunt Millie was teaching them protection and warding spells, and the coven had detected something old surrounding the girls. They were also unsure if the Dybbuk had been, could be, killed.

“It might’ve run off to lick its wounds,” Judith said at their last meeting.

The twins learned some advanced magic to ward off threats. They’d even sat in on a coven meeting. They were the youngest ladies to attend. Sandra claimed she couldn’t remember anything, and the coven didn’t let on that they didn’t believe her. The advanced magic lessons were to see if the coven could get a peek at that old thing. Sandra proved herself to be adept at magic. She was better than Millie.

On one rare afternoon when Sandra wasn’t around, Millie and her aunt were sitting at the kitchen table podding peas…


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